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Legal HD is a modern, agile law firm which balances highly tech-enabled systems with the understanding that all clients and customers are different with individual requirements.

We combine the best practices of the niche business offering bespoke service and the blue chip company guaranteeing sound governance and compliance.

This enables us to act swiftly, ethically and efficiently while maintaining a personal service tailored to each person’s needs.

Personal Injury

At Legal HD we provide a fast high quality service when dealing with your road traffic accident claim. Our experienced team of lawyers have dealt with a wide range of claims so whether you have been injured for a short amount of time or have suffered life changing injuries we can help you secure the compensation you deserve.


Communication is key

We will communicate with you however you choose, e.g. phone, email, online portal, etc., while with our opponents we correspond via an online portal. The supply of quality information to your opponent at an early stage is key to a successful recovery.

Receiving your instructions all your necessary information early enables us to start pursuing your claim immediately, whether this involves medical treatment or examination for your injury, repairs and replacement vehicles while also securing the at fault party’s agreement to compensate for your losses.


We recognise the importance of an effective negotiation strategy and through our experience we have fine-tuned our approach to promote recovery of the best settlement figure in the swiftest time. Occasionally negotiations break down and we do not hesitate to pursue your best interests through the court process to ensure you receive what is due to you.


No-one ever complained that their lawyer completed their case too quickly!

While we are passionate about what we do we understand that the finer points of the process are of little interest to most. Resolving the case swiftly and satisfactorily is always our ultimate aim.

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