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We are the housing disrepair claim experts!

Have you requested repairs to be carried out in your rented accommodation but the landlord has never responded?

Or have you reported safety concerns which the landlord promised to address, but never has?

If so, you should contact the housing disrepair specialists at Legal HD. We can work with you to establish your eligibility to make a housing disrepair claim, and on a no-win-no-fee basis, so contact our team today.

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Meet our expert team of housing disrepair solicitors

Peter Hartley and Andrew Dow, co-founders of Legal HD, have assembled the best housing disrepair specialists to help you resolve your landlord dispute. This means our dedicated team will work with you to ensure the requested repairs are carried out, any reported safety issues are addressed, and you secure suitable compensation for your discomfort and distress.

We can help you if you are renting your accommodation from a housing association, through social housing or through a local authority. Please note, we cannot accept private landlord / property claims.

From our offices in King Street in central Manchester, we have a reach across the whole of England and Wales to help you with disputes with housing associations, social housing or local council offices. Our team can offer you expert advice and specialist legal assistance as well as the emotional support you need throughout what can be a challenging and distressing situation.

Andrew Dow - Legal HD Co-Founder

Andrew Dow

Andrew has over 30 years’ experience in legal practice, resolving all types of claims and disputes. He has particular interest in assisting members of the public who are struggling to obtain access to justice.

Peter Hartley - Legal HD Co-Founder

Peter Hartley

Peter brings his extensive experience to Legal HD Ltd after many successful years working in the fight for justice for individuals.

Sally-ann Dove - Housing Disrepair Solicitor

Sally-Ann Dove

Sally-Ann has been a qualified solicitor for over 10 years assisting Claimants in the day-to-day handling of their claims and representing them in court. With care and compassion for her clients she is tenacious in achieving the best results for them.

Michaela Drummy - Legal HD Accountant

Michaela Drummy

Michaela has been a qualified accountant for over 20 years. She is an experienced Finance Director and has worked in the legal sector for more than 18 years.

Kieran Tracey - Legal HD IT Manager

Kieran Tracey

Kieran is an experienced IT Manager who brings a wealth of relevant experience to his new role. He has particular interest in making the claims process as simple, accessible and efficient as possible for all our clients.

How we process your housing disrepair claim

We are a modern, friendly and trusted law firm with an understanding that all clients and customers are different, and with individual requirements and unique personal circumstances, so we address each and every claim on an individual basis; listening to your story, offering tailored advice and designing an action plan based on your exact situation.

Our skills and experience in this specialist legal field means we can combine the best practices of a local law firm in Manchester and a modern tech business with country-wide reach to offer a bespoke, dedicated service. This enables us to act ethically, efficiently and effectively while maintaining a personal, tailored approach.

To achieve this we carry out a three-step process adapted to meet your individual needs: Communication, Negotiation & Resolution.

We communicate with you however you choose: whether you prefer phone, email or text message we will keep you updated with developments on a prompt and timely basis, and in the way that suits your work and home life best, and so you don’t have to chase us. And we establish all your key details and necessary information in our initial meetings so we can start pursuing your claim immediately.

We recognise how landlords can be difficult to deal with and how situations can be delicate, so we understand the importance of an effective and skilled negotiation strategy. We will always act in your best interests and through our experience as professional housing disrepair solicitors we have fine-tuned our approach to achieve the best results fast and effectively.

Our success rate means we are confident of acting on a no-win-no-fee basis, so there is no risk to you in pursuing a housing disrepair claim with Legal HD. We always aim to go above and beyond. While we are passionate about what we do, we understand that the finer points of the process are of little interest to most people, so we don’t over-burden you with information or legal jargon, we make the process simple and effective and work towards resolving your case swiftly and satisfactorily.

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