Faulty Heating

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Faulty Heating

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Have you reported a problem with faulty heating in your rented property to your landlord, but they haven’t responded? Or the problem is still unresolved? If so, you could be eligible to make a housing disrepair claim.

Make a housing disrepair claim with Legal HD

  • We are the housing disrepair claim specialists
  • We work on a no-win-no-fee basis
  • We have friendly, personable and dedicated staff to process your claim
  • You need to take and maintain evidence of your disrepair issue and the dates of when you notified your landlord
  • If we think you have good grounds to make a claim we will start the formal process

Can I make a housing disrepair claim?

You can make a housing disrepair claim if ALL of these factors apply to you:

  • You are renting your property through a housing association, social housing or local authority. You can’t make a claim if you are renting through a private landlord
  • You have reported the problem directly to your landlord
  • After a reasonable period of time the problem is still unresolved Contact Legal HD to start a housing disrepair claim if all of these apply to you.

What kind of faulty heating disrepair can I claim for?

A basic duty of your landlord is to provide a safe and comfortable property, and a major factor in that is heating.

This must be safe and reliable and there are a number of potential issues which can compromise this. Heating issues can relate to boilers and radiators, but can also include electric radiators and other sources of electrical heating if there is no central heating from a gas boiler, and can include renewable heating sources if that is the primary method used to heat the property.

There are a number of things that can go wrong with a regular gas central heating system, which can lead to no heating in a property. These include the pilot light going out, losing gas pressure, water or gas leaks, blockages in the system and malfunctioning parts in the boiler. Whatever has caused you to lose a heating source can be reported to a landlord, and they must respond to fix the problem. If that doesn’t happen then you could be eligible to make a housing disrepair claim.

How do problems with faulty heating affect a tenant?

First and foremost, losing a heating source can cause severe discomfort in the winter months, but can also lead to you losing hot water, which is critical all year round, so problems with faulty heating can lead to:

  • Uncomfortable living conditions
  • Illness
  • Water leaks
  • Extra cost for temporary solutions/replacements
  • Danger and risk from leaking water or gas, or from faulty electrical parts

Contact Legal HD to make your housing disrepair claim

We have a personable and dedicated team ready to help you with your housing disrepair claim. We can establish how strong your claim is and whether it will be successful, and then we can help you progress the claim through the formal courts system. But either way we work on a no-win-no-fee basis so there is no risk to you in making a housing disrepair claim with Legal HD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a housing disrepair claim if I no longer live in the property?

Yes, if the problem was reported directly to the landlord when you lived in the property under a valid tenancy agreement, and it was never resolved before you left the property, then you can make a claim. However, you must start the claim within six years of first reporting the problem to the landlord.

Does faulty heating need to be specifically mentioned in my tenancy agreement?

No, the landlord has a basic duty to provide a safe and comfortable property, and this includes the provision of a safe and reliable heating source, so even if heating is not mentioned specifically in your tenancy agreement, the landlord is definitely liable for carrying out these types of repairs.

What will it cost me to make a housing disrepair claim?

It won’t cost you anything. No-win-no-fee means that if we lose the case then we will meet all the court costs ourselves and you won’t owe us a penny. But if we win the case then we will take our fees out of your compensation figure. This cost will be agreed with you before starting the claim and there will be no hidden or extra charges.

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What problems can be included in a housing disrepair claim?

  • Damaged floors, doors, walls, windows and stairs
  • Damaged fittings – bathroom, toilet, kitchen
  • Infestations – vermin or insects

  • Structural issues – evidence of walls, plaster or roof damage

  • Faulty heating, boilers and radiators

  • Electrical issues – faulty/damaged sockets and exposed/damaged wiring

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