Housing Disrepair Claims Birmingham

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Housing Disrepair Claims Birmingham

or call Legal HD on 0161 974 7350

Are you eligible to make a housing disrepair claim?

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What is the claims process?

If you contact Legal HD today to make a claim, we will review your case and then speak to you to establish the facts. We need to build a case that has good grounds for success and based on the evidence you provide. If we think there are grounds to proceed we will start the claim process and work to secure suitable compensation for you.

What can I claim for?

If you have caused damage to your own property through your own negligence or unreasonable behaviour, you cannot make a claim. However, your landlord has a duty to provide safe and secure accommodation and below is a list of common problems that your landlord has a duty to repair.

  • Damp problems
  • Mould problems
  • External damage
  • Water leaks
  • Structural issues
  • Faulty heating
  • Faulty electrics
  • Infestations

Contact Legal HD today if you have experienced one or more of these problems, reported it directly to your landlord, but received no response. After a reasonable period of time you will qualify for starting a housing disrepair claim.

What kind of compensation will I receive?

There is no set amount of compensation reward for a successful housing disrepair claim, this is all based on factors such as the rent you pay and how badly you have been affected by the disrepair. However, we will work to secure compensation on the following basis:

  • To cover any financial costs you have incurred directly related to the problem
  • To cover damage to personal belongings directly related to the problem
  • To cover personal injury or ill health directly related to the problem
  • To cover the inconvenience of living with the problem

Housing disrepair claims in Birmingham

Birmingham is a thriving centre for culture, commerce and retail. It also carries a strategic importance for the transport network and the business community, and hence has a very strong property market and rental sector. This is evident in central Birmingham areas such as Smethwick, Erdington and Small Heath. But towns in the outer Birmingham region also show a diverse range of housing types and population demographics, such as Dudley, West Bromwich and Solihull.

If you live in Birmingham and are renting property through a housing association, social housing or local authority, you could be eligible to make a housing disrepair claim. So if you have reported a problem to your landlord and they have not fixed the problem after a reasonable period of time, get in touch with our housing disrepair experts in Birmingham and we can start the claims process today.

Your landlord has a duty to provide accommodation that is fit to live in and is safe and secure. If you have reported problems and they have not responded, we will get the repair fixed and secure compensation to cover your costs and inconvenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What in the property is the landlord’s responsibility?

The landlord is responsible for the following:

  • Structural items such as the roof, walls, ceilings, floors and windows
  • Fittings in the property such as the bathroom, toilet and kitchen fittings, plus associated pipes and drains
  • Basic welfare systems such as heating and water systems and associated pipework
  • Alarm systems for security, fire and other safety alarms
  • Safety equipment and systems such as gas appliances, electrical safety, any ventilation systems

If you have a problem with any of these items, your landlord has a duty to repair it.

What does my compensation cover?

We will seek to secure a compensation figure which covers:

  • The cost of the repair – unless the landlord opts to repair it themselves
  • The cost of any personal belongings damaged by the disrepair
  • Any financial outlay you have incurred due to the damage
  • Personal injury or ill health directly relating to the damage
  • The inconvenience you have suffered living with the disrepair

Is there any cost to making a housing disrepair claim?

No. We will only proceed on a no-win-no-fee basis. This means if we win the case we take our fee out of your compensation award, and this figure will be agreed with you beforehand. If we lose there is no cost to you, and hence no risk.

What should I do before making a housing disrepair claim?

Report the problem directly to the landlord, keep evidence of the problem including photos and dates. Give the landlord a reasonable amount of time to carry out the repair, bearing in mind the amount of work and the costs involved. Continue keeping evidence to show how the problem is deteriorating. If the problem is still not resolved after all this, contact Legal HD today.

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