New Year, New Housing Association Problems – What Should You Do?

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New Year, New Housing Association Problems – What Should You Do?

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The start of a new year often supplies us with a motivation to approach things differently and an added resolve to deal with problems we maybe preferred to ignore in the run-up to Christmas. As the clock ticked over into 2024, maybe you had a lingering issue that had persisted for too long, and now that Christmas is out of the way and a fresh 12 months is laid out before us, you have the impetus to finally deal with it?

Winter is a long and challenging period for a lot of people, and getting through each day can be difficult when you barely see the light of day and it is uncomfortable to leave the house in cold, wet and windy conditions. This can be even more challenging if you are living in rented accommodation and have a repair issue that hasn’t been resolved. You are faced with a complex situation in terms of how you can fix the disrepair yourself, and whether your tenancy agreement allows you to do this, and you are left at the mercy of your landlord to deal with the issue. This could be compounding your discomfort and the challenges of your mental wellbeing, and you can feel helpless and lonely, and unable to seek solace even in your own home. But the new year can bring new hope, and if you have felt unable to face this disrepair issue until now, make 2024 a new start and contact Legal HD to resolve your disrepair issue.

Make 2024 the time when you start to act

In the run-up to Christmas many people feel the stress of a busy period of work and the pressures of providing a happy festive period for all the family. We might feel these pressures financially, but also in terms of how many problems we can deal with in a day. At a hectic time of year it can be easy to put off dealing with some problems, such as a disrepair issue in your rented accommodation, but 2024 needs to be the time when you start to act.

Housing Associations are essentially not-for-profit organisations who act as social landlords, to provide housing and support, often for the more vulnerable members of our society, such as people suffering from mental health, the effects of domestic abuse or substance mis-use, as well as the homeless or ex-offenders. Whatever circumstances you are living in, people can lack confidence in pursuing legal proceedings for issues such as disrepairs because it is an intimidating prospect, and this is particularly the case with housing association tenants. But at Legal HD we have a commitment to helping tenants seek justice and secure the compensation they deserve, so we want these tenants to find the courage to fight back.

Having to live with housing disrepair issues that you haven’t caused, such as damp problems, mould problems, external damage, water leaks, structural issues, faulty heating, faulty electric or infestations, can be stressful and traumatic at an already difficult time. But if you are renting your accommodation through a housing association and have reported a repair issue to your landlord, and they haven’t fixed the issue after a reasonable period of time, you can contact Legal HD to seek compensation through a housing disrepair claim.

Experienced housing disrepair claim solicitors

At Legal HD our team of specialist solicitors are experienced in dealing with the strain and upset that living with a disrepair issue can cause. This is an ordeal that you need support and guidance for and at Legal HD we have a commitment to get your repair issue resolved as well as securing compensation for the loss and inconvenience you have suffered.

So now 2024 is here, make it your resolution to seek justice for the repair issue you have been living with. Your housing association landlord has failed in their basic duty to provide safe and comfortable accommodation, and you have a right to fight this and secure suitable compensation for the disruption caused to you and your family. Legal HD are here to guide you through this process and take the strain of the legal procedure while you recover from the distress of living with this disrepair issue. So contact Legal HD today and we can start the process of making a housing disrepair claim against your housing association.


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