The Mental Health Impact Of Housing Disrepair

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mental health impact of housing disrepair

The Mental Health Impact Of Housing Disrepair

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Our home is defined as a place of comfort and safety. It is where we can retreat to at all times and know we will be welcomed by loved ones and home comforts. For many people, home is the last bastion of refuge in a life that involves complex needs and a myriad of issues, and hence, if home doesn’t offer safety and comfort in these circumstances, it can lead to a devastating downward spiral of mental health issues.

Any kind of mental health issue can be profound and long-lasting, and if there is no escape from it then the sense of hopelessness can be overwhelming. Housing disrepair issues are increasingly common in rented accommodation, and if left unresolved can contribute to people considering whether a tipping point has been reached. That is why, in Mental Health Awareness Week (May 13th to 19th 2024) Legal HD are highlighting the need to fight back against landlords leaving housing disrepair issues unresolved.

How does housing disrepair contribute to poor mental health?

Poor mental health often comes from a combination of issues rather than just one. These can include relationships, employment, family, poverty, addictions or poor physical health. These can manifest themselves in feelings of anxiety and depression and a sense of futility that everything is conspiring against you.

In such circumstances, the comfort and sanctuary of home is of great importance. Everyone needs a place they can find peace and solitude away from their everyday worries, but if that place of refuge also becomes a direct source of anxiety, it can lead to an intolerable situation some people can’t cope with. Housing disrepair issues can come in many forms, most commonly leaks, broken systems and utilities and structural issues. These problems can quickly deteriorate and become bigger problems, to the point where home comforts turn into another source of stress. This can come from:

  • Living with the problem
  • Having to report the problem
  • The frustration of the problem not being resolved and having to chase it
  • Worrying about the health and safety of loved ones as well as yourself
  • Feeling letdown and being left with no support

The health impacts of housing disrepair

So a housing disrepair issue left unresolved can trigger mental health problems and exaggerate already existing ones, essentially adding to an already unstable situation and also having a direct impact on poor physical health.

A common symptom of poor mental health is a difficulty sleeping. Having to live with housing disrepair issues can be cold, uncomfortable and unhealthy. This can make sleeping issues worse, which in turn leads to fatigue and a lowering of coping mechanisms. If these are already impacted by addictions or other health problems, the overall issue can become almost impossible to live with. In addition, problems such as cold and moisture leaks can lead to mould and bacteria growing in the home, which can also lead to respiratory problems, allergies and fungal infections.

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It is estimated that 21% of adults in the UK have had negative mental health impacts as a result of housing issues in the last five years. This sums up how important home is as a place of safety and comfort we can always retreat to, but also how common housing disrepair issues are, so if you have experienced any kind of housing disrepair while in rented accommodation via a housing association or social housing, you may be able to make a housing disrepair claim.

Your landlord has a responsibility to provide safe and comfortable accommodation, and hence to carry out repairs where this has been compromised. Mental Health Awareness Week is about highlighting the many ways in which the seed of mental health issues can be planted, and how they can quickly deteriorate. Most mental health issues are the result of complex situations and involve various different needs, but a common denominator is that home and refuge is an essential element in being able to cope with these issues. That is why Legal HD are committed to fighting back on behalf of tenants and ensuring housing disrepair issues are resolved in a timely manner, and that tenants receive suitable compensation and medical/emotional support for the problems they have had to face in the meantime.

If you are being frustrated by a housing disrepair issue that your landlord hasn’t resolved, and this is contributing to a decline in your mental health, do not hesitate to contact Legal HD today and we can support you in dealing with this issue.

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