Together Housing Residents Evicted Due To Structural Works

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Together Housing Residents Evicted Due To Structural Works

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Tenants having to live with known housing disrepair issues and uncomfortable living conditions may have a housing disrepair claim and not even be aware of this fact, as highlighted by the recent Together Housing news articles in the press last month (June 2024).

A landlord is responsible for providing safe and operational housing from the beginning of a rental tenancy and throughout the tenancy period. However, Together Housing has told its 130 tenants at St James Court and Albion Court in Halifax they have to find somewhere new to live.

Numerous residents told the BBC they wanted to stay put and did not know where they might have to move to, according to a recent BBC article.

The BBC website stated, “The company said major structural work was needed on the tower blocks, which could not be done with people living there.  A spokesperson said the work could take years and promised to provide one-to-one support for residents to help them find new homes.”

Impact upon a long-standing community

The article goes on to describe various residents’ reactions to how they received the news from Together Housing about their forthcoming evictions.

“One resident, Richard Guillot, told the BBC he began “trembling” when he read his eviction letter.

The 76-year-old has lived in the accommodation at St James Court since it was first built:

“This is my home. I don’t want to move to somewhere where I don’t know anyone and start again.”

The article goes on to say:

“A Together Housing spokesperson said the decision “hasn’t been taken lightly.  Unfortunately, there’s no future for these homes and we have to do the best we can for the residents. [It is expected] most residents will have been suitably rehoused over an 18-month period, but it could take more or less time. We are not rushing the process for our residents and we will work with everyone on an individual basis,” they added.”

The impact of housing disrepair on health

Poor mental health frequently arises from a mix of factors rather than a single cause. These factors can include relationships, employment, family dynamics, existing health conditions’ impact etc. Any of this may then lead to feelings of anxiety and depression and that everything is hopeless.

When this happens to most people, the comfort and sanctuary of their own home is extremely important. However, when this refuge also becomes a direct source of anxiety, it can create an unbearable situation for some which can often lead to new mental health issues, or worsened symptoms for those already living with a mental health diagnosis.

Housing disrepair issues can take many forms, most commonly leaks, broken systems and utilities, and structural problems. These issues can quickly worsen, turning home comforts into another source of stress. This can result from:

• Living with the problem
• Having to report the problem
• The frustration of the problem not being resolved and having to chase it
• Worrying about the health and safety of loved ones as well as yourself
• Feeling letdown and being left with no support

Living with these housing disrepair issues can also lead to sleep problems, which in turn affects mental health, and you can end up feeling like your life is on a downward spiral.

Is not knowing worse than knowing?

The Halifax Courier reports:

“Michelle Allott, executive director of operations for Together Housing, said: “Over the last 18 months, Together Housing has been reviewing all high-rise blocks within our portfolio to ensure that our homes meet the needs and aspirations of our residents and to identify where further investment is required. This review has prioritised St James Court and Albion Court in Halifax town centre, which were built over 60 years ago and now require significant investment work throughout. If we decide to undertake this work, it would inevitably cause substantial disruption to residents and, as such, we have made the difficult decision to assist all residents in finding a new home in order to empty the two blocks and assess potential options.

She adds, “We do not underestimate the impact of this decision on our residents”, the Courier reports.

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if you are experiencing any kind of housing disrepair whilst living in rented accommodation through a housing association or social housing, you may be able to make a housing disrepair claim.

Your landlord has a responsibility to provide safe and comfortable accommodation, and hence to carry out repairs where this has been compromised. That is why Legal HD are committed to fighting back on behalf of tenants and ensuring housing disrepair issues are resolved in a timely manner, and that tenants receive suitable compensation and medical/emotional support for the problems they have had to face in the meantime.

If you are being left in a state of not knowing what the position is in relation to your housing disrepair issue , and this is contributing to a decline in your mental health, do not hesitate to contact Legal HD today and we can support you in dealing with this issue.

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